The information hub for modern remote workers

Say goodbye to information fragmentation in your workspace. Xoba makes it easier than ever to find, discover, and share information with your team across your work applications (Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Box, Asana, and more).

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A central view

Stop thinking about how information is organized

Your company has information everywhere. This makes it harder for you to perform your best. Xoba solves that problem for you by centralizing all your company's information into a single view. All on the web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Smooth integration

Connect all of your cloud tools and applications

Don’t worry about where your company information is stored, Xoba will handle it. From email to cloud storage to project tasks, we have your back.

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we empower teams and organizations

Make knowledge in the workplace easily accessible

Xoba wants you to feel empowered in the workplace. Finding information in the workplace should be as easy as finding the pen on your desk.

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Hundreds of enterprise applications rely on knowledge that lives in silos. Xoba is the connective engine that brings it all together.

Xoba enables you to get a holistic view of your team and company's information.

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You have multiple projects across multiple clients. Information is everywhere. Where is the latest presentation for client X? Focus on your client, not just searching for information.



Being quick and having all the information is key to success in Sales. Focus on spending less time looking for the right information and more time selling.



Your focus should be on getting the word out there, not wasting time searching for answers in emails, presentations, and spreadsheets.



As a product or project manager, you're continually juggling multiple items. Information is scattered across applications. Having the most up to date information at your fingertips is critical to your success.



Quick resolution leads to happy customers. Your job success relies on having immediate access to the right, most up-to-date information.



Managing a compliance program and going through an audit is hard. Xoba eliminates the need to go to all the teams and pull information from each system individually.

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