Xoba can connect with your most-used work tools and applications to organize and search for information in one space. No need to waste time trying to remember where information was shared or getting distracted while switching between tabs or apps.


Create Cards to organize information by project or topic. Your Cards serve as a central space to save online resources and assets from your applications to reference when you’re ready, rather than keeping tabs open so you don’t lose them.


Simply share a Card to get others all the information they need at once. While Xoba is a great tool for collaboration among teams, the recipient doesn’t need to be part of your organization or even have a Xoba account to benefit from the convenience of your Card.


Can’t remember where that important information is stored? Xoba allows you to search across all of your work tools in a single space through the web application or the Chrome extension. 


Seamless Access

The Xoba Chrome extension smoothly expedites access to all of your information with just a couple of clicks. Add resources to your card and search through your applications without interrupting your workflow.


Trusted by others

I use Xoba Cards to quickly get my work done. Previously, my bookmarks were crammed onto one skinny line with Google Chrome. On Xoba I can use the entire screen and organize them into categories. Now, I link deeper into my work so I can navigate faster and save time, every day.”

Eric, CEO @ Heylo

I use Xoba daily to search all of my work applications. Having a single search bar allows me to find the information I need fast without having to ping my colleagues or search through each application individually. I highly recommended Xoba for anyone working with multiple clients or on multiple projects.” 

Roy, President/Engineer @ Henway Technologies

Xoba is my second-nature time saver for opening all files and documents with just two clicks. I open a new tab and quickly find the bookmark with the document I’m looking for or via a quick search. Without having to remember what folder the item is in. This helps me minimize switching costs, stay focused, and go deeper as I quickly get the information I need to manage multiple projects.”

Luke, Head of Sales @ e-Courier Software


Xoba uses industry leading security technologies and best practices to ensure your data is safe.


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