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Say goodbye to information fragmentation in your workspace. Xoba makes it easier than ever to find, discover, and share information with your team across your work applications (Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Box, Asana, and more).

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Where is that information?

Information is everywhere

Spread across the entire organization and across dozens of work applications. Within each application, files are unorganized and cluttered, making it more difficult for employees to find the relevant information they are looking for.

Xoba is here to help you work more efficiently by allowing you to create an accessible, centralized dashboard for the information most important to you.

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Xoba is the new way to find, discover, and share information regardless of which application it lives in. All in your web browser.

Universal search

Multiple applications. One search bar. Quickly search and discover information across all of your work applications with Xoba.

Organize information with Cards

With Xoba Cards, you can organize your cross-application files and documents in a single view for all of your different projects and initiatives. Group together links from any of your existing applications into clear and concise Cards.

Share and collaborate with peers

Share your Cards with teammates or key stakeholders. Guarantee that they have the most up-to-date documents, reports, and links - every single time.

secure at all levels

Security is our top priority

We don’t take security lightly nor should you. Xoba uses industry leading security technologies and best practices to ensure your data and your company’s data is safe. Xoba requests the least amount of access needed. We do not download, modify or delete any of your files or messages from your applications.

Don't be selfish

Share & collaborate with your team

Leverage Xoba Cards to organize all the key documents, reports, dashboards, and more and share it with key stakeholders. Guarantee that they have all the most up to date information.

Smooth integration

Connect all of your cloud tools and applications

Don’t worry about where your company information is stored, Xoba will handle it. From email to cloud storage to project tasks, we have your back.

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Endless Possibilities

Check out How our Current Users are Leveraging Xoba

User Type

Product Manager

Use Case

Recalling where files are located, or in which application were the documents shared with them.

How They're Using Xoba

Product Managers are using Xoba’s universal search function to quickly find files and documents across Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, GitHub, and more. In addition, they’re leveraging Xoba Cards to easily access and recall recent documents that have been viewed, modified, or shared with them.

User Type

Sales Representatives & Account Managers

Use Case

Respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests and prepare for sales calls

How They're Using Xoba

Sales reps are utilizing Xoba’s search function and Cards to quickly gather relevant information in order to get back to their customers faster, as well as to educate themselves on pertinent information before jumping onto a phone call or into a meeting with prospective customers.

User Type

Project Manager

Use Case

Organize and categorize cross-application information for their projects, and share this information with key team members and stakeholders

How They're Using Xoba

Project managers are leveraging Xoba to organize and consolidate all of their relevant files for each of their many projects into clear and concise Cards. They also have the ability to share each Card effortlessly with teammates, without having to share a bunch of links individually.
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Create an account

Create a Xoba account with just your email address or use Google to sign-up

Connect your applications

Quickly and easily connect all of your work applications to Xoba

Start searching, building cards, and discovering

You're all set! Now you can search, find, and discover information regardless of where it lives
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