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We’re on a mission to remove barriers between you and your best work. Xoba uses world class technology to make information more accessible, actionable and secure, allowing people to spend their time and energy on what matters most. 


Founders Piyush Patil, Rahul Ramakrishnan and Shawn Razek created Xoba in 2019 with a common goal of helping people do meaningful work more efficiently. While working as product managers at a large tech organization, they both shared the far-too-common feeling that they were spending too much time searching across applications and getting pinged by colleagues looking for current information and documents, resulting in too little time for strategic and thoughtful work. They knew there had to be a better way to organize and collaborate, that didn’t involve constant interruptions and endless open tabs.

Enter Xoba — a solution to inefficiencies in your workflow. Xoba enables you to organize, discover and collaborate across documents, webpages, tools, applications and teams in one space.

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