About Us

We're on a mission to breakdown the silos of information within an organization and make information accessible, actionable, and secure. Built on world-class technology, Xoba will be the knowledge engine in the workplace and change how employees discover and leverage knowledge. 

At Xoba, we come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in the workplace. Everyone is guessing. People spend too much time trying to find and recall information that’s scattered all over their work applications or trying to remember if that information exists in the first place. 
Throughout the history of business, information has been the key driver in decision making and success of the business. What good is it if it’s buried in the tools you use at work? 

Our past experiences at companies in the Fortune 100 and small startups showed us that this is a real problem no matter where we look. And we aren’t okay with that.

We want to help teams work more efficiently. We believe by bringing order to an organization's information, we can enable people to work at their best and see a clear ROI towards their business goals.

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