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Xoba helps you discover documentation, files, and evidence for compliance no matter where it lives.

Increase efficiency

Lose the spreadsheets

Instead of using spreadsheets to keep track of links for information across applications, use Xoba. Xoba enables you and your team to quickly find relevant documentation, files, and information to manage your compliance and audit efforts.


Easily discover evidence

Regardless of where that information exists, Xoba will help you find it. Multiple documents for the same thing? Xoba can help you detect which one is the right one.


Search intelligently

We make searching your information easy. You don't know the right keywords? No problem. Xoba's intelligent search helps you find what you're looking for fast.


Share & collaborate

Invite people from your company or your auditor to Xoba. You can easily discover, share and get feedback on relevant data to the audit in real-time.


Always up-to-date

Xoba always has the most up to date information so you don’t have to worry about waiting or hitting refresh.


Limited access

Xoba only requests the must-have permissions. In most cases, this is read-only. That means Xoba cannot modify or delete your information.


Security first

Xoba uses industry standard OAuth and security practices to ensure the most secure connection and protection of your data.

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