Get your new employees contributing, faster

Xoba helps new employees discover relevant information more quickly than traditional methods.

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Frictionless employee onboarding

It’s hard for new employees to know what information they should be looking at or where it lives. Xoba puts the most relevant information front and center to get new employees up to speed.

  • Increase new employee satisfaction
  • Works on top of your existing applications
  • Eliminate the need to create information in another tool
  • Speed up time for new employees to start contributing

Discover information

Your new employees don't know where information is located. With Xoba, they can quickly search and discover the right documents, tasks, messages, and more.


Onboard faster

Getting employees up to speed faster has massive benefit to your team and company. Use Xoba as you new employee's companion and get them contributing faster.


Share & collaborate

As a team manager you can use Xoba to quickly find relevant information to your new employees and quickly share it with them.


Always up-to-date

Xoba always has the most up to date information so you don’t have to worry about waiting or hitting refresh.


Limited access

Xoba only requests the must-have permissions. In most cases, this is read-only. That means Xoba cannot modify or delete your information.


Security first

Xoba uses industry standard OAuth and security practices to ensure the most secure connection and protection of your data.

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