Discover documents, files, and messages from one place

Xoba enables you and your team to find the right information quickly, regardless of where it lives.

Seamless integrations

Cloud applications are our sweet spot

Integrate with the leading cloud applications like GSuite, Atlassian, Box, and more.

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Easily discover information

Regardless of where that information exists, Xoba will help you find it. With an intuitive search functionality, Xoba helps you get to your information, faster.


Discover from anywhere

You're constantly switching between applications, browser tabs, and more. Why have yet another tool that you need to think about? Xoba easily integrated into your existing workflows.


Share & collaborate

Does your co-worker keep asking you for that document? Easily discover it in Xoba and share it with your co-worker, then get back to work.


Always up-to-date

Xoba always has the most up to date information so you don’t have to worry about waiting or hitting refresh.


Limited access

Xoba only requests the must-have permissions. In most cases, this is read-only. That means Xoba cannot modify or delete your information.


Security first

Xoba uses APIs and industry standard OAuth to ensure the most secure connection and protection of your data.

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