Increase your sales team's efficiency

Time is money when it comes to sales. Xoba takes sales team's efficiency to the next level.

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Sales requires information, fast

Having access to the right information is the lifeblood of a successful sales team. They shouldn't be wasting time looking for information, they should be selling.

  • Increase sales team's efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate the need to create information in another tool
  • Works on top of your existing applications

Easily find the right information

Regardless of where that information exists, Xoba will help you find it. Using our intuitive search and discover capabilities, you can find the information for your customer quickly.


Get answers more quickly

Instead of pinging your teammates or someone else at the company, you can use Xoba to get answers or information more quickly. Rely on Xoba, not others.


Share & collaborate

When you find information that would be helpful to your team, Xoba allows you to quickly and easily share that information.


Always up-to-date

Xoba always has the most up to date information so you don’t have to worry about waiting or hitting refresh.


Limited access

Xoba only requests the must-have permissions. In most cases, this is read-only. That means Xoba cannot modify or delete your information.


Security first

Xoba uses industry standard OAuth and security practices to ensure the most secure connection and protection of your data.

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